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Thread: Installing XP on an HP

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    I have a new computer, and I wussied out on building it myself. It's an HP and DID NOT come with a re installation disk as my Dell's did.

    How does one make a CLEAN XP install on such a machine?

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    put in xp disk
    boot from cd
    fresh install > format etc

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    delete both partitions first. Usually most of todays hp pc's, have a partition called system restore, this is where the OS and preinstalled softwares are put on. BTW from the best of my knowledge i belive you may void your warranty with HP if reinstall a retail OS.. Happened the same with my laptop.

    After deleting both partitions, then you can install a fresh copy of windows (assuming you have your own CD that's an OS).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Formula1 View Post
    BTW from the best of my knowledge i belive you may void your warranty with HP if reinstall a retail OS.
    Actually no, you don't.
    HP (like all the tier 1 builders) is only warrantying the hardware anyway, they could care less about the software environment.

    If you want to do a clean XP install...and why wouldn't you really?...make sure you gather up all the necessary drivers first.
    You can use an app like MyDrivers to see what you currently are using and back them up.

    You will almost certainly have to do the telephone reactivation after the OS install, it's highly unlikely that your OS will activate over the internet.
    Just tell them no, this is only installed on one PC and the reason you did it was that the HDD crashed.
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    Thanks, guys. It's great to see some of you old veterans (clocker, ike) still around the boards!

    The HP install sucks!


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