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Thread: Freaked out commercial for Playstation

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    When I saw it I found myself rolling on the floor laughing --
    Mark your territory, don't stay aside!

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    lmao... that was pretty good.
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    okay that is HILARIOUS

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    my favorite playstation commercial was the "i am the wolfman" one.

    "i am teeth, i am fur, i am dribble! i am the wolfman: homo wolfus! my rocket is made from pure carbon and smashes through planets! i am the wolfman, i hate being bored and i can punch sun! i am the wolfman, a huge rancid dog travelling at 5000 miles per hour!"
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    meh that was pretty amature, really, an 11 year old could come with that.

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    an 11 year old couldn't come up with I AM THE WOLFMAN

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    in a plane, high as fuck
    "a huge rancid dog traveling at 5000 miles per hour"


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