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    Looking for an oink invite, does anyone have a spare one?

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    I wish i had one to give you because i would someone on this site was generous enough to give one to me so i feel i should do the same.

    *Could any of you tell me how many gigs of upload i need before i get oink invites* as you can see in my sig i only have about 5 gigs up as of now but im moving on up.

    Thanks for the quick answer nick also do you get more after that or is 2 all you get.(if you could just edit your comment to answer so we dont completely take his thread over)
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    ^ 10 gigs. If you donate 5 Euros or more you get 2 invites as well. I gave my 2 away last week. Sorry.

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    u get 4 invites once you're promoted to PU, and additional 2 invites/month. 10 is the maximum nr you can have, when u reach that point you dont get anymore. unless of course you give those you have away

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    How many times did u magnify the damn thing??
    Temptations The Ultimate Flaw In Humans

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    eww that pic is scary !!!


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