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    Ok since people are always asking were to find subtitles I decided to make this list compiled from various sites and I thought I would share them with the rest of the community.

    Multi-Language Subtitles sites -ExtraTitles.TO- they have subtitles in many languages (English, Estonian and Finnish) (English and Swedish) (Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam,French,Spanish,Arabic) (English and Turkish subs)

    TV show Subs (Not sure what languages they support) (English/Czech) (Polish) (Greek)
    Subtitles Search Engines

    Subtitles 4 Specific Countrys (Asian) (Bulgarian) (Czech) (Czech) (Dutch) (Dutch) (Dutch) (Estonian) (Estonian) (English,Finnish,Estonian) (Finnish) (Finnish) (Finnish) (Finnish) (German) (Greek) (Greek) (Hebrew) (Hebrew) (Hebrew) (Hebrew) (Hebrew) (Hungarian) (Norwegian) (Polish) (Portuguese-European) & (Portuguese-Brazilian) (Portuguses-Brazilian) (Portuguse-Brazillian,English) (Russian) (Swedish) (Swedish) (Swedish) (Swedish) (Spanish) (Spanish) (Spanish) (Spanish) (Turkish) (Turkish) (Turkish)

    If you know of any links that I dont have on here please send me a PM with a link to site and also stating what language they support and I will add them thanks.

    Hope this helps out all of the FST users.

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    Wow, this is very useful. The only one I knew was subscene so it's great to find out there's all these. Thanks for taking the time and effort to compile them all into one list.

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    Multi-Language Subtitles sites:

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    Thanks a lot this needs to be stickied

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    Wow! This is a great list. I second the motion to sticky this thread.

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    Another informative Thread....Thank you....
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