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Thread: Talking dog for sale.

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    While driving through Alabama, a guy sees a sign in a yard that says "Talking
    dog for sale. Please go to back yard." The guy goes to the back yard and sees
    an old black mutt.

    Guy: "Are you the talking dog??"

    Dog : "Yep, that'd be me. I discovered this gift as a pup and it has taken me
    all over the world. I worked for the government. The CIA placed me in foreign
    state houses, embassies and the like. I was a top spy for 9 years running;
    gathered lots of top secret information but all the jetting around was
    getting to me and I wanted to settle down. I came back to the States and took
    a job with National Airport Security. I would just sit by shady looking
    characters and uncovered all sorts of things from drug deals to terrorist
    plots. I have been decorated many times with medals and honors. Meanwhile I
    got married to a sweet little bitch and had a mess of pups. They are grown
    and gone now. Sadly, none of them can talk. The bitch took off one night and
    I haven't seen her since. I am retired now and just taking it easy. Yep, sure
    has been quite a life."

    The guy is speechless. He walks to the back door and asks the owner how much
    he wants for the dog.

    Guy: (hollering through screen) "How much you want for this dog?"

    Owner: (from inside the house) "Ten dollars."

    Guy : "But this dog is amazing. Why would you sell him so cheap??"

    Owner: "Cause he's such a liar! He didn't do any of that shit!!"

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    Haha! Very funny, thanks for sharing.


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