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    Im a complete novice at this so bear with me. I got a dvd with some software on it. The files were in BIN format so eventually I figured out i had to convert them to iso. Now my problem is this, when i attempt to open the software it gets so far then asks me to insert disc 2. which i obviously dont have. I thought i could maybe copy disc 2's files onto another cd and insert but it wont let me write the file.

    Can anybody help me or point me in the right direction at least?

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    did u burn the ISO as an image or as a data cd?

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    You converted the 2 bin's to 1 Iso image or 2 iso images?

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    Use Deamon tools to install the Disc 1 & 2 individually, i always do that.

    No need to physically burn them into CD 1 & 2


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