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Thread: Oink please

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    I'd be very grateful for an Oink invite. I'm a clean and tidy good seeder and got lots of music to share. Can trade for brokenstones invite if you are interested. Anyone willing to help?

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    oink members now get their invites permanently disabled if they invite a cheater.
    i used to be quite generous with my oink invites, but im being cautious now.
    im sure alot of other users will be too.

    i recommend posting some screenshots of ratios, and posting more in these forums to build up ur post count and earn some trust.

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    ^^ likewise, if you can post a ratio proof then ill give you an invite, already been warned once for giving one to someone whod been banned tho

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    I understand that it's difficult to trust unknown users. The only ratio proof I've got is from brokenstones so I've attached screenshots to this post. I'll gladly trade oink for brokenstone invites if you are interested in mac torrents.

    Thanks /N
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    i posted in this thread yesterday asking for an oink invite and said that i would offer TL ones for trade but seems like my post has been deleted... just want to know why, can any mod or something tell me? just to know if i did something wrong.

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    Too be honest oink aint easy to use....even if u got a kick ass ratio on other sites....
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    Please don't hijack other peoples' threads. If you have something to offer or need a trade, please start your own thread - it'll get noticed more.
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    oink is diffixult to maintain ratio, much difficult than other sites..
    do not have invites though gave it away..
    try it on site forums where you have good ratio, chances higher than here...

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    after kicking me out from oink

    i believe in one thing, just one , music = OiNK , good raio @ oink=donate

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    id like a chance to check oink out
    my ratio:
    my email
    [email protected]

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