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Thread: Aom Trouble

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    Could someone please help ive just downloaded AOM disk1 and disk2 and opened them with iso buster but i have no way of burning them onto cd has with other games like c&c genrals i put stright into a folder and installed from there and had no prob.but AOM i have put the files into one folder and clicked to install it.It installs disk one fine but keeps asking me to put in disk2 to carry on the insall but i have no disk 2 on rom only in a folder.Could someone tell me how to get it working with out using a disk.

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    I assume ther's no "browse" button, that let's U look for CD2 somwhere U'll have to change the place that the installer is looking for CD2...don't remember the file U had to change tho, but it was really easy...sorry, I'll try to remember it

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    To the -one thank you for trying to find out for me hope to hear soon thanks agian.


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