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Thread: SCT- Help!

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    i was invited to sct and when i try to make my account i got some connection error and my account did not actived. they sent me that email that i can active my account but when i press that i got on error Login failed!
    Username or password incorrect what went wrong? i can still use that password recovery but still have that same error

    so can someone from staff or user help me get my account active plaese!!!

    username was:salkku

    help mee!!!
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    Probably banned your account or something if you got the invite on a public forum like this hopefully thats not what happened good luck bro.

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    @deuce6000 : no, it`s not banned, it wasn`t activated succesfully (i.e. the account doesn`t exist). shit happens.

    @vsalkku : try to talk to the person that invited you

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    man who invited me just say - shit happens life is a bitch! no help from him then...

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    Which means your either out of luck or if your able to talk to another member of ScT then maybe s/he may help.

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    Or perhaps the account WAS created. Sometimes if you get login errors you have a bad cookie. Try clearing your cookies and it will ussually let you login with the correct login info. Good luck either way.


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