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Thread: Keeping making corrupt rar files

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    When I try to compress a 1.26 GB iso file to .rar into split volumes (WinRar), about 49mb each, always the last file is corrupted. What's causing these problems. Tried atleast 10 times with no luck. Tried it with normal and best compression, still no luck.

    I've tested it on smaller files but they were okay.

    I've got a 2.66 ghz and 512mb of ram.

    Please help. thx.

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    Try a different version of winrar or try reinstalling winrar.

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    It is possible that some program is running along that corrupts your files, I had that kind of problems and in my case it got corrupted when i moved em on other disk and it went very slow, because of some spyware or something similar.
    One of such worms that corrupt rars:
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    If nothing helps, try different program, like PowerArchiver wich provides support for most compressed and encoded files.

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    Try making the rars 14mb each.

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    14MB each with data recovery option checked.


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