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Thread: Video audio not synchron after converting to DVD

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    Hi could somone HELP me, I am desperate !!
    I have an .avi file that I converted to a dvd with following softwares: dvdSanta, ConvertXtoDVD. WinAVI, Nero
    With none of them was I able to get the movie with video-audio synchronised. The audio stream is always ahead to the video. Is there any possibility to make the audio stream start later ? Could someone explain how I could do this?
    I would be sooo greatful for any help

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    Hi limesqueezer
    Very kind of you, but to be honest the explanation of the problem described in the link is faar to complicated, I really haven't understood much what needs to be done. In any case I don't think that it's related to my problem.
    Thanks anyway OK

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    Is your final (resulting) DVD divided in chapters?,
    though I've never used those programs you mentioned, I have had the same
    problem of sync just for not adding chapters.

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    When an avi is ripped from a dvd with the audio set to vbr (variable bitrate) to save space, it can often lead to the audio going out of sync when reconverted back to dvd format. To prove it to yourself get a copy of GSpot and open the avi with it and you'll see under the audio section, vbr. Get a copy of the freeware Virtual Dub. Open the original avi with V Dub and select Direct Stream under the Video tab and under the Audio tab select Full Processing (at this point your good to go because V Dubs default audio compression is uncompressed PCM or wav and thats what you want anyhow but...) select PCM as your compression and save the file (File > save as avi) as PCM.avi, next reload the file PCM.avi and again with Video set to Direct Stream (by the way Direct Stream just demuxes the video with no processing so its fast) and Audio set to Full processing but this time selecting mp3 as your compression and save the file again and check for sync. This is V Dubs recommendation as you will see from the warning when you load a video with vbr audio.

    Load avi > convert audio to PCM > load PCM > convert Audio to mp3

    This works 90% of the time but I do it another way.

    Load original avi and with video set to Direct Stream the whole time I convert the audio directly to mp3 and check the sync of the resulting file and if it not right I reload that out of sync video and use V Dubs Interleaving to set it right. The nice thing about Interleaving is it works in Direct Stream mode so now with both Video and Audio in Direct Stream the processing is real fast.

    Interleaving works by shifting the audio in relation to the video one way or the other depending on if you put a (-) sign infront of the "delay audio by" figure you choose to enter. 1000 = 1sec one way -1000 = 1sec the other 250 is 1/4sec etc.. By viewing the out of sync video, get an idea how many sec or fractions of a sec you think its off and use that figure in the interleaving box, save as test.avi and leaving V Dub open check the test.avi and adust your figure and overwrite the test.avi file until you get it right on. Like I said, with both video and audio in direct stream, each of these interleaving trys will only take 30-40sec to make for a 700mb avi file so you will zoom in fast.

    This may seem complicated and alot of work but I have done it hundreds of times and when you get good at it its nothing, and this is the avi file you will want to save in your collection or share because any encoder will make a good copy from the file it produces. And since no reencoding of the video takes place theres no loss of quality to do it.

    As a final word I should tell you there is alot of total junk out there and some videos that are butchered so badly they cannot be fixed, so don't frustrate yourself, downloading a different version is often easyier than trying to fix junk.


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