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Thread: Uncapping Adsl

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    I saw the topic being covered in a pinned post but, without reading it, but it has mysteriously disappeared .

    Anyway, is it possible to uncap an ADSL modem, so that speeds can be increased? I've read that alot of people on this forum have drastically been able to increase their download rate by uncapping their modem.

    And yes, I know it's "selfish".

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    I dont suggest you try it. To my knowledge it is possible but if you do uncap it, your provider will suspend or terminate your account if they find out.

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    Not so much "if" they find out but "when" they find out.

    If you didn't know it, broadband providers monitor closely their customers usage as their equipment does have limits.

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    You'd be surprised though I was phoning tech support on behalf of my parents "bitching" about low speeds. The tech told to try a speed-test at and was suprised that there throughput was only 80-100. Only when I told him (after a half-hour of do-this and/or that) my parents had highspeed lite did say that those speeds where "acceptable".

    I've read articles about uncapping modems (something about editing info on your hard drive that the modem uses ). Other articles that only certain models/makes (Alcatel) could be "uncapped"..dunno search around, and make sure you have some coin for a retainer

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    Unfortunately, theres no chance of uncapping ADSL connections. I've personally looked it up, but i've learnt that adsl connections are shared at the digital subscriber line access multiplexer (dslam), a mechanism at the ISP that links many xdsl connections to a single high-speed ATM line...
    So each line is treated as an individual connection, therefore configured as such, alloting only specific bandwidth values to what you pay for.
    Even if you do somehow succeed, any differences detected, and the system cuts you off.

    Cable however, works in a different way

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    Isuru got it right

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