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    I have a slim ps2, a regular ps2 (later version) and a psx. I want to burn a copy of a ps1 game that I downloaded. I have a couple of questions like it only came with a .BIN file and some other stuff that I think is unrelated so is it possible to burn it. I'm using clonecd but everybody seems to recomend nero. Also, with the systems I named above is it possible to play the game without a mod chip or doing something to void my warrenty. I don't care about the psx however. But it would help if you guys suggest something inexspensive. thanks in advanced.

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    You will need a modchip to play burnt games.

    Along with the .bin file will come a .cue file, if not, you can make one it's very simple (it's basically a txt file but renamed).

    Use the .cue to burn the game (burn image, it's an option usually for any burning software), note that the .cue is like 1kb in size, but what the .cue does is it tells the burning software to burn the .bin. Make sure that the .cue is in the same folder as the .bin file and that they both have the same name:

    example: game.bin
    and in the same folder: game.cue

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    Thank you so much. Out of curiosity, what's a good modchip and how much would it cost? And I'm not exactly sure how to make a .cue file. Do I just make a text file and save it as .cue?

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