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Thread: Legality in Canada

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    I am under the impression that sharing files in Canada is perfectly legal due to the results of a court case a few years ago. Can anyone here confirm or comment on this? Thanks.

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    sharing of the files is absolutely legal, but another question is, what type of files are you sharing

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    Thanks, but I don't see why the type of file could be important. Would the content of the file be of concern?

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    if you see "copyright" word (or that "C") anywhere on the product (or in the programme)... well, you know what i mean

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    Its legal in canada pretty much no matter what your sharing.
    I know lots of people who only had their isps terminate their service.
    Some didnt even get that much.
    They have filed 0 lawsuits on anyone I know that has been caught from Canada.

    They have too many issues with their legal system to give a donkeys ball so to say about people downloading files.

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    To give you an example , I switched ISPs and was sent a e-mail on how to safely share files . It gave a tutorial on how to config. shared folders ,what to watch for if your a sever and the like . Pretty much what I knew but thought wow thats service .

    I should say there were links on how to use Emule , Ares , Limewire and a few others I can't remember .

    Here's a link so you know I'm not blowing smoke up your ass .
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    It's legal due to our levy on blank media.

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    What about burning cd's or dvd's to your friends? it's ok too?
    Another thing: what about selling some cd's or dvd's? i think that's not ok anymore because you would be making i right?


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