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Thread: Racism?

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    I read an interesting story about neighboring Charles County (I'm in Prince George's County). Here's some of it.

    Al Smith, the rough-riding cowboy of Charles County politics, strode to a red-white-and-blue tree stump to deliver, well, his stump speech. The brim of his 10-gallon hat cast a slight shadow over Smith's face as he took to the bully pulpit to deliver his pitch.

    He's been saying things like this: "I do not want to see Charles County become another Prince George's County."

    And this: "There's a crime wave coming from the northern border."

    And this: "The welcome sign is not held out for those people that do not want to abide by the law."

    In a county whose black population has surged in recent years partly because of an influx of residents from neighboring Prince George's, the nation's wealthiest majority-black county, Smith's comments have hit a nerve. He has riled not only many African Americans but also white leaders of the county's political establishment, who say they sense racial overtones in his remarks.

    Race, always a delicate subject in politics, is particularly so now in fast-changing Southern Maryland. Where slavery once drove a tobacco-based economy, African Americans are fueling a population boom. And in the campaign to lead Charles's Board of Commissioners, race has emerged as a major issue.

    Those tensions came to a boil last week after racist epithets were spray-painted in a majority-black Charles neighborhood. Local NAACP leaders stood on the steps of the county government building and lashed out at Smith, accusing him of inciting such incidents with his remarks.

    "I am frustrated to my wits' end," William Braxton, president of the local NAACP branch, said as Smith stood a few feet away wearing his cream-colored Stetson and cowboy boots.

    "When a commissioner speaks up and refers to African Americans as 'you people' . . . we stand here today and tell you to your face, sir, that your comments are offensive to African Americans," Braxton continued. "We pay your taxes."

    Smith, who often reminds people that his campaign manager, Charles Lollar, is black, said he had not intended for his comments to be interpreted as critical of African Americans. But he insisted that much of Charles's crime is committed in Waldorf -- which is near the county line -- by Prince George's residents.
    Are Al's (Boss Hog) statements racist?

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    Depends - Is he speaking the truth when he makes comments such as the ones in bold. I wouldn't put out the "welcome sigh" for "those who do not want to abide by the law" either.

    Or is he just spouting racial jabber?

    I guess I just don't know any background. From this one article though, one could really choose either way quite easily.

    ps - Would it be rascist to assume that this guy is white? I believe so. The article makes no reference.
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    Without knowing anything about his history or those two counties, I can't really say, although referring to any group of people as "you people" and repeatedly pointing out you have an employee/friend/whatever that's different from you certainly points to being a bit of a bigot.

    Edit: He's white and wears a large cowboy hat.

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    Okay some background:

    The guy is white (I had a picture on there but it doesn't show up)

    Prince George's County is very black

    Many from my county have been moving down south to Charles County (Waldorf in particular)

    Waldorf is getting very crowded and has seen a huuuuuuge influx of shopping centers and stores. It has a mall, is about to get a town center (outdoor mall), has one 9-screen movie theater, is about to get a 14-screen theater, and has about 6 shopping centers (and even more smaller strip malls). That's just in Waldorf alone (and forgetting the rest of Charles County)
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    The quotes you bold out seem to be aimed at, as the article points out, inciting action or support for him. He's playing a very good "I never said that!" type of game where he never actually comes out and says anything racist and so it's very hard to pin down whether he really is being racist or not. You need to hand more quotes out because racism is more than just words said to get voters to vote for you, it's mostly actions. This guy sounds like a racist, but with only three quotes and none with him actually calling blacks (African American is a pretty stupid name because it's basically never really accurate) "you people."

    The guy does wear a 10-gallon hat though.


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