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Thread: Why Is Fasttrack Down?

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    I loved using this site,its been gone about a week, is it down for good?or have they been attacked a virus?if anyone knows please respond.

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    Seems to be up.

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    I don't know what's happening today, but they have had some problems with DoS attacks recently.

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    Thats what i thought,f***** idiots wreckin shit for us,I wouldnt put it past the RIAA or whoever else benefits from p2p sites going down,in fact i think its none other than the CIA,being hired by Big Shot Wollywood Execs.God forbid actors and musicians get a million less a year,oh my however will they survive on 10million a year poor babies.

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    Does this also apply to FastTrackMovies? Its set as my homepage, but hasn't loaded in a while.

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    It's not working! It was yesterday! Is it just me, or is it not workin for everyone?

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    It's because of the DDoS attacks. Since the firewall wasn't blocking them. FTC just cripled under all those attacks.

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    That site was fuckin mint! I got a practically dvd quality copy of 'ghostship' from it last night, and now its gone......

    do you reckon it'll be back?

    I'm on about the FastTrack Movies site which is accessable from the WEB VERIFIEDS section in Kazaa Lite, incase peeps don't know.

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    I've been trying to go to the website but cant get there. Anyone know whats up?

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    i have been having trouble to get there site up aswell . they have been getting dos attacks so this could be why the site is down .

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