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    Does anybody have a dutch version of Office XP 2000 for me to download? Or does somebody knows where i can download it??

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    I'm sure you cant download it in About our website and this Forum

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    i found this in my copy of office xp, hope it helps.

    About the global interface and Microsoft Office XP Multilingual User Interface Pack
    Microsoft Office XP Multilingual User Interface Pack adds key multilingual capabilities to those already built into Microsoft Office by providing the translated text for the user interface, Help, wizards, and templates for Office programs. By using Office XP MUI Pack, you're working in the English version of Office, but you can view commands, dialog box options, Help topics, wizards, and templates in a familiar language.

    Office XP MUI Pack also includes Microsoft Office XP Proofing Tools, which provides fonts, spelling and grammar checkers, AutoCorrect lists, and other tools that can help you create and edit Office files in the language of your choice.

    When you change the language of the user interface or Help, you change it for all Office programs. Changing the language of the user interface does not change the file format of Office files that you save, nor does it change the program in any other way. You don't need a converter to open files. Some components of Office do not support changing the language of the user interface or Help.

    Office XP MUI Pack works with Office running on Microsoft Windows 98 or later and Microsoft Windows NT version 4.0 or later. Microsoft Windows 2000 provides the most support for the most languages, and it is recommended for extensive multilingual use.

    Office XP MUI Pack is on its own CD and has its own installer. To obtain Office XP MUI Pack, see your system administrator.


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