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Thread: Red Hat 8 As A 2nd Os

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    Hello people of the forum

    I am about to install Linux Red Hat 8 as a second OS on my laptop where I have WinXP Home (30Gb HD) preinstalled. I want to allocate about 10 Gb for Linux.
    My question is how to partition my hard disc...I mean which way to choose. I have Acronis partition expert installed and it has the option of creating a special Linux partition...(actually 4 of them - EXT2, EXT3, ReiserFS, Swap)
    I also read someone's post that it is better to create unallocated partition and red hat disc will recognize it and reformat it according to the file type (I am not sure about this way since I don't understand how will the red hat disc will recognize it).
    My question is which way to go. Should I choose EXT3 or unallocated space and what is the purpose of Swap partition - is it necessary to have it. Thank you.

    P.S. PM 7 had an error on my machine.

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    What you need to do is to create your 10gb partition using the EXT3 filesystem. You will also need a linux swap partition. The size of the swap needs to be at least twice the amount o your computers memory e.g. if you have 128mb ram, make it 256mb in size.

    Then just run the RedHat installer and it should all be fairly obvious - just pick the partitions that you have created.

    Hope this was of some help!

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