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Thread: How high is your queue rating

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    I am waiting for ages to get a very rare file

    and then I miracle happens... a user with the full file connects to the network and I get queue rating 69

    after a while have QR 40 , then I get QR 98 ???? ,then back to QR 39 and then QR 119 ????

    I find this very unfair

    my upload download ratio is 5,98:1

    I read people who ''reask'' a lot have a bigger chance to start downloading, has this something to do with it? In other words can it be that I am on QR 1 but because I do not reask I get thrown back in the queue ?

    I also read that your upload / download ratio influences your Queue rank .. I thought mine was pretty high but probably not so ....

    How high is your upload/ download ratio?
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    That kind of changes in QR happens because everytime new users are connecting and disconnecting to that source. Some of them have a better UL/DL ratio other have worse...The waiting time is more important than UL/DL ratio.

    My UL/DL ratio is very high because i'm a releaser in a ed2k forum in my country so i mostly upload upload upload....loool


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