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Thread: Bypassing Network internet capped speed limit

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    I am a university student.i use university proxy server to connect to internet.This proxy server is capped at a speed of 4 KB/sec for each LAN IP.
    Is there anyway to un-cap it or get more than this speed by any method.I can pay whatever it costs to get more speed.If there is anyway plz tell me.
    i cant buy a DSL connection or DIAL Up connection beacause they are not allowed in uni. hostel.Plz help me.I will be thankful.

    or is there anyway to use an online internet connection behind uni. proxy server?

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    Hmmm, don't think so m8...
    4KB/s each...are you serious dude? that sucks :X

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    uhmm don't use that proxy server??

    or is it the only way to connect to the I'net?

    otherwise the only thing you can do is complain

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    Your right 4K/sec sucks

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    Can't you get a laptop with wireless internet and go find a wireless hub to connect? I doubt you can force the school's net to go faster and if you did you'd get caught and kicked out or something. lol You know school's spy on their students internet activity.

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    you can probalby get 400-700kbps off a cellphone with the right service. get one of those mini-pci cards ment to provide cellphone internet or maybe even an actuall cellphone and hook it up to your computer with an adaptor cable. or maybe if you already have a cellphone, you might be able to add an internet connection to your service.
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