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Thread: Where Can I Download The Newest Block List ...

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    I have Sygate Personal Pro firewall but I have no block list because I cant find the website which have those downable .dat block list so does someone know where i can get it??

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    Originally posted by enoroxid@6 May 2003 - 21:35
    Go here:
    I only found PeerGuardian there,no blocl list for Sygate

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    Aack - you know what? I'm an idiot. You're right - it's not there. It looks like they have a full installer program set up on that page, not just the update.

    Hmmm. Anyone else have an address for an update?

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    Okay, try this:

    I don't know for sure if this is the absolute latest list, but I think it's quite current.

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    Thats it, you want 1.4, thats up to date and easy to use.


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