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Thread: Half Life On Kazaa Lite?

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    Does any one know if there is a working half life on kazaa lite. I know this is an old topic but i downloaded a file already and it didnt work. I just want to download a working one so i can play counter strike with it.

    if you know one tell me the title, artist, size and file name

    thanks alot
    thanks again
    thanks in advance

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    no way your gonna be able to get counter strike to work kid your gonna have to go out and buy it

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    Maybe he just wanted to play Half-life not Counterstrike.

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    There is a working Half life on kazaa, but U'r not gonne be able to play CS on top of a ripped Half life. Get the standalone version of CS, that's what I did, and I play on the internet without having to pay a dime (not exactly proud of it tho ). Only trouble is finding a functional serial.

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    dont matter bout serial
    where did u get this game

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    Its funny all these people saying you cant play counterstrike with a Cracked Half life

    I have no problems hacking it lol

    All you need is a valid CD key... if you know what your doing you have at least 3 ways of getting keys

    I got my Half life from a verified download page , do a search at this site...

    When you get that half life you need to install the Full mod file of counter strike..

    Then get a working online key.. I got counter strike all for free

    And all these people always say its not possible ..

    Just use your head where there's a will there's a way ! HA
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    I did the same thing as Xara :-) ask a guy online for his halflife key and whalla. free CS for me

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    You can get a working Half-Life but the problem is, as many stated, to get a functioning cd-key. I play completely for free, and this is what I did.
    Go to an internetcafe (en empty and kind of desert one) and get in to the computers registry and snatch the cd-key.

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    i got cd key from my last installation
    so its finding the game thats a problem

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    for the sake of 4.99 or whatever it is you may as well buy it...


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