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Thread: Help with downloading please!

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    I have been able to download a few files and succesfully extract the images by using the par files where needed. Lately though I have downloaded about 8 different images using grabit and newsleecher but all of them upon downloading are showing as incomplete some by almost 75% when using newsleecher as it doesnt seem to put the incomplete file in the same directory as the downloaded files.

    I am using the pay server usenetserver and have never had any problems like this so far - surely not all of these files are incomplete some are only a few days old and people are posting thanks for the working images!

    Please point me in the right direction- what has gone wrong???

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    Whos your provider?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flinty View Post
    Whos your provider?

    Quote Originally Posted by vforvendetta View Post
    ...I am using the pay server usenetserver...
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    In a way the first comment kind of puts you on track. It is probablly your server that is at fault. It may be worthwhile to see if any of the free servers have the parts you are missing. Or if you got a mate on another service try asking them if the file is available. Another possibility is you said it was a new file. If it was a large file and the poster has a normal upload speed then it could still be in posting or propergation on your server may still be occuring. Good luck


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