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Thread: "Windows Error, Drive not ready" Problem

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    Hi all,
    Whenever I shut down my computer or log off my recently built computer, it shows me a boxed message saying that:

    Windows error - Drive not ready
    The driver is not ready for use; its door maybe open. Please check drive A: and make sure that a disk is inserted and that the drive door is closed.
    <Cancel><Try Again><Continue>

    Anyone got any idea what it means?
    My computer works ok during windows, I only get this message when i log Off.

    My drives are 2x NEC 3550 Dvd Rw
    And MB is ASUS P5B Deluxe


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    Do you have an A: drive ? A floppy disk drive I mean . It could be your Anti Virus settings is looking to scan A: before log off . I don't have it anymore but Norton is notorious for that . Or you have a disk stuck in the floppy . Sounds kinky no .
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    Actually I dont have a floppy drive installed anywhere.
    I didn't need one anymore.

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    Do you have norton or anther antivirus that scans floppys when it shuts down?

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    If you don't have a floppy but the bios still has one listed it could be the problem. Make sure for removable drives it lists none.

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    Yep fixed it by disabling it in bios,

    Just have another small problem now....

    In Device manager there is a yellow icon and its implying that I still have something that isnt intsalled properly, it says Unkown but if I click on it it says on the x1900??
    now my graphics card is an x1900gt but i have already installed omega drivers for it and its working great?

    Any ideas how to fix it, cos also everytime I log on i get a found new hardware box pop up with no name asking me for drivers?

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    You could just try to uninstall it and than restart and it would probably be fixed.

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    Thanks for advice


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