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Thread: Torrent Tracker with a Ratio

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    Hey guys, what I am trying to do is share large files via my blog, but all the free torrent trackers I go to like, TorrentySpy etc have no ratio. I need a ratio because I need people to start seeding, so is there a way I can implement a ratio or atleast find the people who don't seed and ban their IPs or something. My hosting company doesn't allow torrents so I have to find a free median.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    what are you looking for ? a private tracker to share your files?? then lots of them , but your files should be allowed by the rules

    maybe you can try emule??? up less , dl less.
    just a n00b's idea

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    Private Torrent trackers want you to be a power user, and they usually are invite only/closed after a certain number of people. The thing is I would like to make my own private tracker but my hosting services doesn't allow it, so Im trying to get as close as possible to that scenerio.


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