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Thread: C&c: Generals

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    I downloaded a .bin image of cd1 for generals and it works but when i downloaded the image for cd2 it was corrupt and now i can't find another cd image for disc 2. anybody got anything they can share? what should i look for?

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    i downloaded the image for cd2 it was corrupt
    Welcome to the real world my freind... B) Corrupt CD images are becoming a Kazaa trademark . U will have to re-download, and cross your fingers to not get another corrupt image....or use emule.

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    Does emule have spyware and stuff? If I can't find generals cd2 image on kazaa i can find it on Sharereactor (eDonkey). right...?

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    Listen up, if ANYBODY knows ANYTHING about a cd image of the 2nd cd of generals PLEASE tell me it's exact file name!!! I'm not gonna just let my post rot away like this. I WANT 2nd cd image (.bin) of generals. Please if you know ANYTHING don't just read this, have pity, and move on to the next topic, please share what you know. Thank you.

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    I WOULD download it from eDonkey (and use Sharereactor to find it) but it's slow and has trouble finding people or servers that HAVE the file. Kazaa is the best out there for speed. And it DOES have good working files (I downloaded max payne and splinter cell both working perfectly). You just need to search for the right things and I haven't found anything besides the filename: "cc generals cd2.bin" which contains the corrupt file.

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    U don't have to use edonkey, the sharereactor links also work for emule (improved edonkey). And yes emule is slower then Kazaa, but at least the CD images work....U can either download them good and slow on emule, or get the file in like, 1 hour on Kazaa, but it'll be corrupted (of couse Kazaa has functional stuff, I'm talking about cd images, .iso, .bin... files) in fact, ther's a good C&C Generals rip on Kazaa (by Killaj, i think).

    And even if I did provide the filenama/size (or hash) of the 2d CD, ther's always the very real possibility that the file will become corrupted "in transit"...that's how most corrupted stuff shows up on kazaa anyway

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    emule just says "waiting" for my download. anyway to get it going?

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    Bah! emule is too complicated. Kazaa is so much easier.

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    On Emule everything is always queued. there is no way i can download any file on emule. all servers are busy. it's EXTREMELY F*CKING STUPID. kazaa has no waiting. ESPECIALLY when u use "speed up" which searches for more sources constantly. I'd take kazaa over sh*tmule anyday.

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