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Thread: Clerks - Episodes

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    Im searching for this series.. so far I've got ep1-3 and 5, 6 are d/l ing but cant find number 4..

    So anyone can hash it???

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    On kazaa only episodes 1,2,3,4 and 6 can be found

    That is why i bought the dvd

    The episodes are all named incorrectly so DO NOT go by them , so try eMule for episode 5

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    Was there only 6 total? I know the show was cancelled before the season was complete. I heard there was 13 eps for the first season, but they may never have reached the street.
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    its weird as hell the dvd says never before seen episodes and there arent never before seen episodes!

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    Only four of the 6 episodes ever aired. Thats all there were ever made, 6, and 4, maybe 3 ever aired.

    I have a WIZARD magazine thats all about kevin smith, and he talks about the series in the issue.

    Episode 1 was one of the ones that never aired... listen to the commentary, they talk about it also... eps 2, 3, 4, for sure aired... hold, just dug the issue out for you View Askew fans...

    ok, heres the facts, from kevins mouth... only episdoe 2 and 4 ever aired... the other 4 did not. No other episodes were every made either. Kevin did say, on his last dvd, the evening with kevin smith, and on his website not too long ago, that a clerks cartoon movie was still in the works, so lets hope.

    the dvd is top notch, and a must for any view askew fan... i definately recommend it.


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