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Thread: UK NOVA account

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    i have a UK nova account if anyone is interested.
    pm me with an offer

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    how about i tell you a funny joke and you gimme the account?

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    won't u give him at least a candy?? uknova has free signup (so i've heard)...i had an account there once...but didn't really used it because i couldn't find nothing to my liking
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    i feel like i post this over and over, but i'll post it again
    uknova opens for signup daily. every half hour or so, for a few mins.
    simply set it to ur homepage, and check often.
    or use the tracker checker 1.2 program thats been posted recently.
    dont ask me for a link to it, dont be lazy, use the forum search.

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    Yup! If you have TrackerChecker running, you can see UkNova
    open everyday for registrations.


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