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Thread: Metallica

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    Just wanted to know when their tour kicks off, I know they played Rock am Ring 2006. WIll they start the tour before the new album comes out or after (well obviously before, but it is metallica...)??

    Oh and if they do tour, any hints of Vancouver or Canadian (or hell even Seattle) cities being played?

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    no tours until new album i'm afraid

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjarkibreid View Post
    no tours until new album i'm afraid

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    i think i would only go to a tallica show anymore just to actually *see* metallica.

    i don't really care anymore about their music. i'd give body parts to see some bands rawk and hear their music live. but with metallica, it'd be more of a novelty to see them live than receive any type of musical satisfaction from attending their concert.

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    I saw them at donnington and really wasnt expecting much at all, dont theink they were even in my top 5 bands to see, havnt really listenend to them since i was about 15
    Was I ever wrong, they played probably the best live show I have ever seen at a festival, blew me away- anyone who says they are past it have not seen them recently....'Guns and roses' are a whole different matter though, more of a dodgy cover band fronted by Fat Axl


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