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Thread: hey i need dvd help

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    does anyone know of a good media to dvd format converter

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    Google "avi2dvd" and look for a link to and bookmark the site or save in favorites so you can use their tutorials to help you get the most out of it. is another place for help and opensource freeware.

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    One click programs for bigginers would be something like Win Avi not to sure on the quality of it since I dont use it but it basically converts most formats to DVD with one click.

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    For a long time I was using WinAVI. And it has worked well for me.

    But I found a free little program called VSO to Divx. It works very simply. Basically one click and let it run. It has converted every format I 've thrown at it into a DVD format complete with .ifo and .bup files, ready to burn with your favorite software. It seems to run faster and with fewer crashes then WinAVI.

    A simple Google search should find it but beware of any versions that cost money as it shouldn't cost a thing and watch out for similar named apps.

    good luck.

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    this is the free one he talks about. the newer version is called VsoConvertXtoDvd and is not free.

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    winavi is the best for beginners .......

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    After having tried almost everything else over the last few years I have to admit that VSO ConvertXtoDvd is the best. It is not the quickest but it gives very good consistent results.

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    try this WinAVIVideoConverter

    its good and fast too...


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