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Thread: Free Mmorpg's

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    Here's a list of a few mmorpg's out there that are free. Some are Demo's a couple are full and free. So the next time you're looking for a good game to play, and you're only finding fakes, and some jackass in this forum is only givin the old "go buy the game if you don't like fakes" thing (I hate when ppl say buy shit on this forum, it's a fuckin shareware p2p prog for christ sakes...) look one of these up. Since it's not from kazaa, these don't have viruses or anything, and they're not fakes either. p34z3
    free full 3d mmorpg, CC needed
    neverwinter nights free demo
    No CC needed, huge demo (192mb) even take it online.
    never tried, but it's free and full
    free 7-day trial, make sure to cancel or you get charged for the game. After 7 days you get a month free if you decide to buy the game.
    free 3d mmorpg!!!

    I might update this someday, if anyone wants to add some go for it please. These were just the best that I found out there, not necissarly (sp?) the only ones, just the ones I found not done by amatuers in their mothers basement.

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    no warez links allowed.

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    buying stuff is lame
    Yeah, that's why we all download the stuff for free with Kazaa

    it's a fuckin shareware p2p prog for christ sakes...
    Well.... U might call it shareware....from your point of view But I'm sure most ppl consider the stuff on kazaa pure illegal software and music . So U'll find very little legit shareware on kazaa, if any at all.

    So for some good mmrpg games, go for Ultima Online, or the real full Neverwinter Nights game

    And to avoid fakes, use the verifieds (u might get lucky and manage to make one of them work )

    p.s: Still it was a good, legal and applausible iniciative

    no warez links allowed.
    Dude, do U even know what warez means?? His links are everything exept warez !!

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    for a better word, "pirating"...yo... -.-

    btw Ragnarok Online is free, or at least the program is, since you need to sign up for an account. An account costs money -.- but ya know... i thought u meant free as in download, sign up (for free) and play. *shrug*

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    MMORPGs are the spawn of Satan! Begone!

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