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    This is proaudiotorrent's new domain
    but NO have posts <---new domain

    This site is donate sing up or old user ID convert

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    i dunno what's the scheme because pat works also with the knows dns and there it has about 800 torrents and on audiozone it has about 2 torrents

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    atm P@T is pay to play kinda thing going on. there having problems via db/torrents and other issues. AZT.. is a spin off of P@T casue the orginal owner is a @ss

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    Hey guys donot be faked by all this scammers they are trying to confuse you,your mind, the real PAT has always been there at which is the proper place to be, the other sites mentioned have no single relation to P.A.T.

    so don't try to fool the people they all know the truth about what has been going around so all I say is that P.A.T. has always been there as a proper place...

    The Audio Zone Site was put up by the ex admin of PAT who was caught playing around with PAT'S users account and their personal data but when this has been realized by the owner and the other admin of the P.A.T. the guy was kicked out immediately along with anyone who had any kind of relation to that issue...

    the story has finished there and P.A.T. continues to be a great community just like other similar sites out there, if you are really willing to create an account in Audiozone,think twice and remember the reason why the owner or the admin and stuff of Audiozone, was kicked out from the P.A.T.

    They are probably trying to fill a few forums with this kind of scum posts to fool you guys with no sense action ,so people,simply do not fall for all this...

    There is no new domain or such for P.A.T. and these fellas are trying to get attention and fill their site by playing this kind of games lol.

    When the issue was spotted...

    They have mailed about 14.000 users from PAT users db.long time ago (copied by the ex admin,or should I say being copied without the authorization of the real owner lol) to let them know that P.A.T. has moved to a new domain,and there is a dramain pat,etc.etc. but it is all in the past now and if you especially visit the two sites just like the other guy indicated above, you will see a huge difference when you logged in to both sites so, there you will understand what I mean ...

    All I suggest to you guys is that do not fall for the fake audiozone or other fake sites out there, remember, there is only one PAT Site which is the other site is just a few lamer phishers...

    So watch out for it...

    Hope this helped you understand the real story about them,laters...
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