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Thread: Are These Upgrades Compatable?

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    I have already bought the ram, cpu and fan but I need a mobo to go with it. So will it be all ok

    Already bought:

    Kingston 512MB PC2100 266MHz DDR Dimm
    AMD ATHLON XP2100+ 266MHz FSB - OEM
    Coolermaster CP5-6J31C Socket A Upto XP3000 AMD Approved

    And this is the mobo I'm thinking of...

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    looks ok to me.

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    PC's have come a long way since they were first cheaply availible for the home user.

    Basic rule of thumb, if it dont fit in the hole yo think it should then its not the correct slot. or its not compatable.

    so eg any ram should work in the slot, as long as its of the same type. ie ddr parity etc

    as long as every thing is supported on the mother board then you shouldnt have a problem. the motherboard is quite flexible with its settings, you can take things up one setting and ur useually ok.

    just test things out b4 u start to use it fully, like leave it on for 1/2 hour and then check temps and stuff, any crashes etc, ie dont do anything jst boot/log into windows and leave it
    the leave for 1 hour etc etc


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    Originally posted by balamm@7 May 2003 - 07:55
    It's really short on PCI slots so not very expandable. Has on board graphics, again not much you can do with it if you're not happy. The AGP slot is optional????. FSB is a bit low by todays standards.
    I have to agree with balamm in regards to the fsb,
    If you plan on moving upward on the cpu in the future persay AMD 2500+ & up , perhaps looking at a board that support 333 - 400mhz fsb would be more to the liking, otherwise should you do upgrade the cpu beyond 2500+, you may be looking at another mobo purchase. Otherwise what you selected should be sufficient for the devices you have.
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    Well, this will be holding me for a while yet, so I don't need higher then 266 FSB, and I know it has on board gfx but I have a GF3 ti200 128mb DDR so I'll be bypasing the onboard in the bios anyway. So it's all cool yeah?

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    yea thats fine should be up and running in about an hour if you know what your doing


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