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Thread: .iso Burning

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    If i have a zipped .exe file (warcraft 3) and i want to convert it to a .iso what do i do? Do i just rename the zipped file to .iso? help appreaciated.

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    Here's a tip for you:

    Originally posted by Tip By: The_Great_Dude
    Go to the folder you have your file,
    then click on Tools at the top, go down to Folder Options, then click on View tab,
    scroll down and uncheck the box that says "hide file extensions for known file types",
    click OK, go back to your iso file, right click, rename, then delete the extension .exe replace with .iso.
    Now it should show up.  B)

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    This won't work if it really is a .zip file. You'd have to extract the files to a temp folder, then run WinISO and click on the Actions menu and select 'Add Directory...'. (Note: if you want the files to be in the top level of your CD rather than in a subfolder, select 'Add Files...' instead). When you've added all your files and folders, click on the Save button to create your .iso.

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    that is the answer to something i was looking for though, so thanks! i never had any problems renaming my .exe files before (those that were really .bin or whatever) but for some reason i totally forgot what i was doing with the last one and couldn't figure it out. whatever, it's finals week and i'm losing my mind. i probably shouldn't be downloading and playing games right now anyway....

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    This won't work if it really is a .zip file.
    He could of also just unzip it and then do what the tip says.

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    what if its a packed .exe?


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