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Thread: where the hell the file emule go ??????

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    i just try to use this software to download game and movies but after i done with file , i cant find file to burn out please help
    one more thing
    emule is slow to download
    do they have anysoftware to help it faster

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    If you dont change the default settings it should be at...
    C:\Program Files\eMule\incoming

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    There's no software to make it download faster. You can try some mods that have some different options but all comes down to share and keep it running.

    Leave emule running 24h/7days if it's possible. Don't set your upload to close to the max because that would saturate the download. Also, use the wizard to configure the proper settings for you line. There's more little tips that you can find in p2p forums that help...

    Be cool

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    Sadly i haven't seen a mod that changed anything that was of use or help to emule, it is more like filling the network with problems. Many people modify Emule but they all failed at improving emule.
    Since they invented 56k modems they talk about making something faster, same with popular sharing programs, nothing ever worked !
    If your file isn't in incoming folder it is possibly that its complete in temp folder still as part file or its downloading from start again, maybe you have it set on deletion after it downloads.

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    The disadvantage of Emule is that its download speed is slower. as i know, there is no software that can improve its performance of download.
    the advantage of Emule is that it is easier to find resources via the search function of emule.

    Just before you use emule, remember to open the ports, 4662 and 4672.
    Don't let your firewall block them.


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