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    Once, there was a middle-aged man who had four daughters. After coming home from a stressful day at work, he sat down to watch a baseball game. He is then interrupted by a knock at the door. There stands a young man. The father then asks, "May I help you?"

    The boy says, "Hi. My name is Jim, I'm here to see Kim. We're going for a swim - can I come in?"

    The father, amused, lets the boy in and calls his daughter, and the couple head out.

    He once again sits down to watch T.V. Startled by the doorbell, he gets up to answer the door. Once again, there stands a young man. He says, "Hi, my name's Eddie, I'm here to see Betty. We're going to eat spaghetti - is she ready?"

    The father, now perplexed, says, "Yes," and proceeds to call his daughter, and the couple leaves.

    The man sits down once again. As luck would have it, he was interrupted from his baseball game again. He answers the door and sees yet another young man standing there. The boy says, "Hi my name's Joe. I'm here to see Flo - we're going to the show. Can she go?"

    The man, now slightly annoyed, calls his daughter down, and the two leave.

    Expecting to sit down to a quiet game of baseball, the father starts to relax just as the doorbell rang yet AGAIN! What he sees does not shock him. Another young man is standing there. "May I help you?" asks the father.

    "Hi! My name's Chuck."

    The father shot him.

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    I saw that coming a mile away.

    The FST group

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    that was awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skizo View Post
    I saw that coming a mile away.
    same here
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