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Thread: Starting Websites

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    umm okay i already have a homepage but i did it on geocities... im 14yr old and my parents are gonna be willing to pay money, even for the ones that are free just need like $3 activation fee...

    so whatz a good host?

    geocities has like 4mb transfer rate, no ftp, 15mbs space , advertisements

    anything that has more space, no ads?, more transfer rate... dunt care as much bout ftp... i will slowly update in the summer...

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    lolz i got verizon dsl... 10mbs space onli!... thatz horrible n their updatin is so horrible... itz java browser.... :/... ftp service tho of course

    ah u know any sites where i can sign up to be hosted.... well mine has no theme thatz the problem... so imma stick w/ anything that gives enuff space n itz adless* since in general im still gonna use a website redirect thing

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    lol... I always like to help my felow newbie webmasters out. I never tried geocites before but to get rid of the ad
    add remove <textarea style="display:none;"> before the </body> tag.
    if this dosn&#39;t work, then go with tripod. If you decide to do that then ill tell you how to get rid of the ad...

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    I thought you got so much webspace with your isp as part of your internet deal.


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