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    Hi to all. looking for help with my first post. Problem goes like this,

    1) Got a couple of iso files. (DVD) burnt them to disk (dvd) all seemed to work well.
    2) installation of the files seemed to go well. Everytthing was successful.

    3) the problem. When I try to open the file after installation I get a message saying to insert the correct cd.

    4) I've search for other files that go with these. None. And as they are dvd files I would asume there would be only one anyway. I've had the same problem now with three iso files.

    Any help/ advise would a help.


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    Did you read the nfo file?
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    One game is in italian, and the other doesn't seem to have a nfo file.

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    Thanks for your reply chewie. I found the answer in the lounge. of all places.
    I didn't know that once the game was installed, I needed to put the cracked file into the game directory. it's all good now, all is working.

    I guess this thread is closed. Happy ending.


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