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Thread: Xvid movies and sub titles

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    Hello, this is my first post.

    How do I get the sub titles to work with the xvid movies. I watched the xvid version of the da vinci code but did not understand half of the movie because It did not display the sub titles. I have the subs.rar and idx files that go with the movie, but I don't know what to do with them. I watch about half of my movies on my computer, and the other half I watch on my stand alone philips dvp642 player. Can someone please explain how to incorporate the seperate sub title files into the video so they will display when need while watching the movie. This might seem simple to most people on this site, but I don't have a clue how to make it work. Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide in this endeavor.


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    Try un-raring the subs with Winrar.

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    I did un-rar the subs, and placed them into the same folder as the movie.

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    You can permenently add them to a copy of the avi using Virtual Dub and VobSub. Unfortunately you have to reencode the movie to do it. After installing V Dub and VobSub you would open Virtual Dub and load your avi then select your compression and then filters. In the filters section you have to add the vobsub filters from their directory both the vobsub.vdf and textsub.vdf. Once added they will be available to use in the regular list of filters, use the vobsub for .sub files and the txtsub for .txt and .srt files.

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    With media player classic
    the subs have to have exactly the same name as the movie, and then will automatically load

    With VLC (VideoLan)
    you simply eiyher drag and drop them into the movie or load them in video

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    when in doubt you can always check: as well. they have lots of tutorials for converting to pretty much any other formats.

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    I appreciate all of the help. Since I use VLC (VideoLan), I started there first. I put all of the files in the same folder, and I made sure the subs and idx files had the same exact name as the movie. After I started playing the movie with VLC, I right clicked the mouse to bring up the menu interface. I scrolled down to the subtitles selection and set the subs to track 1. After changing this simple setting, the subtitles played fine through the entire movie. When I have time, I will try what Appzalien suggested and re-encode my avi to permenently add them to my copy.

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    Bsplayer is the best player for subtitles, you don't have to do anything, just play the movie and it will read the subtitles, if you have more than one subtitles in same folder just choose and move in player.

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    Here is a guide that could help you convert the xvid files to DVD and add subs permantly.


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