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Thread: Help Make Exe's

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    is there a program that tells you how or help you make exe installers?

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    out of what..? C++?

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    ha...i dont know....hehe...the easiest way....

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    You need a compiler-
    It will read your program code and check it for errors
    and then package what you've written as machine
    language as a file that is executable (.exe)
    Have you learned any languages? or are you asking about a conversion tool?
    and there are also programs like winzip that zip files up and make them
    a self extracting executable( meaning whoever gets it from you doesn't need
    a zip utility to open it....

    What are you trying to do, exactly?

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    I use software called Win rar to package all sorts of files into an executable program that can be instructed to instal to any directory on ones drive.

    you can package pictures, mp3's, web pages, exe's, whatever.


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