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Thread: I Downloaded Splinter Cell But Disc 1 Isnt Working

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    it says something about the registery

    can someone give me a good copy of splinter cell disc 1

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    i downloaded em all 3 and got a great!

    Here's working Disc 1:
    Length:567354144 Bytes,554057KB

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    I've downloaded FLT-SC2.BIN two times and dont work

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    I got the first two but for some reason - I can't get a copy of 3 - I downloaded about half of it but no one seems to be sharing it any more.

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    Be patient... i had to try 2 times the #1 cd and three times the second one. I still have the three cd's shared but will remove them soon. I need space!


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    Get your BIG ISOs from BitTorrent or eMule...they will never be corrupt.

    When i was getting my games from kazaa , 1/3 - 1/2 would be corrupt.....then i tried eMule and i have no corrupt files in a year.

    Kazaa for Music ..eDonkey network for Games.

    Took me 3 days to get Splinter Cell with no corruption

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    isnt there a program to fix those files? "decorrupt" them some way?

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    CDMage can repair minor corruption


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