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Thread: How To Organize Your Books!

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    The file naming convention for books

    “Author last name” “first name” “initials” - “series name if any” “##” - “title of book”

    I.e. Card, Orson Scott - Ender's Saga 1 - Ender's Game.txt
    Anthony, Piers - Adept 1 - Split Infinity.rtf

    Some times a book may be a part of a large collection of books that had many different authors such as the Star Trek books or the Dragonlance world books
    In this case u can add the collection name to the start of the file name like this

    “Collection name” - “Author last name” “first name” “initials” - “series name if any” “##” - “title of book”

    I.e. Dragonlance - Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy - Legends Vol 1 - Time of the Twins.rtf
    Forgotten Realms - Salvatore, R A - Icewind Dale Trilogy 1 - The Crystal Shard.rtf

    Some peps will just not list the author if they are using the collection name

    I.e. Dragonlance - Legends Vol 1 - Time of the Twins.rtf
    Forgotten Realms - Icewind Dale Trilogy 1 - The Crystal Shard.rtf

    And finally u have categories for informational type books like RPG’s and Math or Computer books

    “Subject” - “Collection name” - “Author last name” “first name” “initials” - “series name if any” “##” - “title of book”
    Again some peps remove the author name in this format

    I.e. RPG - AD&D - 2nd ed Complete Set of 26 Books.pdf
    RPG - Battletech - 3rd Edition.pdf
    Computers – Teach yourself sql in 21 days.txt

    The best format to release your books in is .RTF any one can open an rtf file no matter what OS they are using and every one has a program that can read rtf files u can even read them with your web browser

    . lit and .txt do not show up in documents searches in kazaa so these are the worst types to release your files in

    PDF is hard to convert to other formats so is the next worse format to release in

    Doc type files are not to bad most peps can do something with them but it’s a proprietary type of format and you pretty much need MS word to open it

    Html type is not a bad way to release but I would rather have my books rtf and also html files can have bad things in them
    Note: html files are blocked in klite by default when you install the new version

    RTF is the best format to release your books in it will show up in documents searches and can be used by anyone

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    .PDF formats are virtually virus-free, though, so they're far safer than .docs or the like.

    .txt show up for me?

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    true pdf's are but so are rtf's
    i agree though that docs and html are the worst for viruse type things
    plus u have to have acrobat to read .pdf types at all
    and u cant change pdf files vary easy once there in that format ether

    .txt files and .lit files dont go to the "documents" catagory in kazaa they end up in the "other" catagory so if u do a search under the "documents" catagory it filters out .txt amd .lit files. just look in ur my kazaa lite tab and see the catagoreys on the left the 1 called "other" is where all ur txt and lit files are not in the 1 called "documents"

    go a head do a search and see. if u do it under the documents catagory (you check on document in the search options screen) u wont get any resualts with .txt or .lit in them, only stuff like .doc , .pdf, .rtf and such as are in the "documents" catagory
    the only way u can get .txt and .lit files is in searches for "everything" and then u end up with movies mp3s and eveything else

    god knows how they mised thouse 2 but they did espashaly .txt

    i mean come on .txt is the basic example of a document i can kinda see .lit its new but .TXT shhheee its unbeleveable


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