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Thread: Corrupt files

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    When a file is downloaded from a newsgroup.. lets say 4.7gb. why are there always corrupt files in them ? is there a way to extract the main file even with some of the files being corrupt or can they be repaired?


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    Yes you can repair them, you use the par2 files that are available, read this for more info:

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    Get QuickPar. If PAR2 repair files are posted, download the small one and open it in QuickPar, which will tell you how many repair blocks you need. Download those and repair the corrupted files. If there are not enough repair blocks available, you can check RAR files with WinRAR to see if they have recovery records. If they do, repair all corrupted ones with WinRAR first, then run QuickPar on the archive set.

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    OK thanks for that ill give it a try

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