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    Hello I just wanted to know if any one has Gta Vice City on pc and if i could grab a copy. I have been looking around downloaded a few off Kazza but they all been fakes well any help would be appreciated.

    Email me if u can help me please

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    It's not out yet


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    it should be out within a week or so so until then just sit back and DONT download any more off kazaa and ppl read the old threads i no i am a newbie but it has to be annoying

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    Ok cool a week or so im happy now thanks for your help everyone does any one know how big the file will be or around im only on dial up lol i still download 6 gig a month r so lol

    also any one here a player of the online game Runescape?

    if any one has any old account they dont want please tell me i would be happy to take them i love the game.


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    100-300MB I'd guess


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    ok thx for the quick reply are you on msn if so add me ok bye

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    i am not sure if they will release a rip of this game it may be another metal gear solid story from wat i have been reading

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    yeah ive been after this for a while, this and enter the matrix, but both are coming out soon, so sit tight and theyll be here..........


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