A young boy recieves a parrot for his birthday and he's thrilled, but soon discovers it has a tendancy to swear and a real bad attitude. He hopes to improve the birds manners by playing soothing music and saying polite words but nothing seems to work.
He yells at the bird and the bird tells him to fuck off, he shakes the bird and the bird bites him, he tapes the birds beak up and the bird shits on his head, finally he's had enough.
So the young boy gets angry and shuts the parrot in the freezer. The bird kicks and squawks for a few moments and then goes silent. Scared he may have hurt the bird the boy opens the freezer door, out steps the parrot calmly and says " I believe i've offended you with my rude language, i will endeavor at once to correct this bad behaviour. I'm really, truely sorry".
The young boy is amazed at the parrots change in attitude and is about to ask what caused it when the parrot says " May I ask what the chicken did?"