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Thread: Work Around for ISP Usage Limits

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    I have a big problem, I'm a member of many different file sharing communities but the problem I have is my ISP limits my Download to 7 gigs and my upload to 2.5 gigs a month. You can see the issue it's hard to have an even share ratio when your usage ratio isn't even. I guess I could just download 2.5 gigs a month but man that's nothing in my eyes. If anyone has run into this and knows something that might help PLEASE let me know. Thanks in advance.

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    You get what you pay for but 7gb D/L ? Gee my emails take up more than that ,something does n't seem right .

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    2.5GB upload is nothing nowdays...
    I don't see any work around for this...sorry

    Maybe you should change ISP.

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    where are you that you have such low limits? most isps nowadays have the lower limits around 25-100gb. You might just be on the lowest tier ... and then the solution is to pay more!

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    is your ISP a cable company? cable companies are the biggest poll smokers I have ever had to deal with. they have been overcharging people for years with shitty services.

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    u can hide the type of data ur downloading from ur isp
    but not the amount of data
    its just not possible, unless ur isp hasnt upgraded anything since about 1995
    switch isp, i'd use that data amount in 24 hours


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