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Thread: Yahoo! Mail Beta Goes Public

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    After months of being tested via limited beta, Yahoo! Mail Beta, developed after Oddpost acquisition, is now available to the world. From the review: 'The new Yahoo Mail Beta is touted as being as functional as a desktop email client (such as Outlook). Other new features include an integrated calendar timeline (including mashups with Yahoo Maps), drag and drop e-mail organization, message preview, tabs for messages, plus an integrated RSS reader.' Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg was using Yahoo! Mail Beta back in September of last year and wrote the following: 'I've been comparing the new version of Yahoo Mail, which claims to be the leader in Web mail, with Gmail, the challenger Yahoo most fears. My verdict: The new Yahoo Mail is far superior to Gmail. Yahoo more closely matches the desktop experience most serious email users have come to expect. Gmail, by contrast, is quirky and limited. Its only advantage is its massive free storage, which exceeds what most people will ever need.


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    Great! for me massive free storage is an advantage

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    i've been using it for a number of months, and its much better than the basic/original yahoo mail.
    when i 1st signed up for the beta, it was super fast. as times gone by though its slowed a little. faster than yahoo mail used to be, but still slow and annoying.

    i still prefer gmail over any free email account out there.

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    Can anyone else compare gMail vs. Yahoo! Mail?

    I have gmail only, and I'm loving it, so its hard to imagine that "the new Yahoo Mail is far superior to Gmail".
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    Try it and Ive added the link to it in the first post...

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    I just checked out the beta after reading the news.
    It looks pretty good, lots of features everywhere. Drag + Drop, Tabbed windows etc. I think its a great idea!
    However I'm just so used to Gmail now! Simple, organized design. I wonder how many people will make the switch?


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