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Thread: Nero 7.2 Problem

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    Hi Guys.

    Installed Nero Ultra as an upgrade on XP pro.

    When going to burn a DVD, I found that this new Nero seems to automatically size the file so that it just fits under the 4,38Gb threshold. I thought this was great, but when I try to burn, it processes the file, and then tells me that my disks (Sony DVD-R) do not have enough capacity.
    I always manually resized the file before on the older Nero up to 4.36Gb without problem, and this is what I tried to do with the new Nero, but it still says the same. ie. Not enough space on disk.
    I have now gone down to under 4Gb in the hope of being able to burn, but thought I would ask in the meantime whay is going on.

    Many Thanks if you can help.

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    Did nero burn it?

    btw Have you allready found the solution?

    This is stupid but do you have enough disk space? Maybe nero finds it not enough
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    Apparently this is due to a bug in latest versions of nero. It is well known on their forums. Thanks anyway.


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