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    hello, i have a very stupid question.
    but i hope you can help me out!im downloading x-men 2 svcd , but how can i see it when it is finished. do i have to burn it on a cd? and can i watch it on my dvd player? please help me!!


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    I think you'd need dvd player software to watch it directly on your pc, i'd recommend Powerdvd.
    If you burn it to cd, you could watch it in most standalone dvd players.
    Incase your dvd player doesnt support SVCD, you could convert it to VCD:

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    thnx!! uhm last question....
    i use nero and when im going to burn it, i have to burn it as video -cd right? and if i want a svcd as a super video cd?
    is this correct?

    pinen ( im a n00b)

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    Yes. But if it's a SVCD file doesn't that make it an mpg or mpeg file? If so, then you can just watch it on your PC in WMP etc. No special stuff needed. It's only called SVCD as it doesn't need converted to write it to disc as one.

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    oke dudes, HELP!!

    i cant burn the .cue file and when i use vcd gear , the programs says error in .cue file, missing cue information..

    so what do i have to do?HELP


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