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Thread: Console ---> PC games... SUX!

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    Installed 3 new games I downloaded today and I'm glad I didn't waste any money on them.

    First one had keymapping and GFX like a console game.

    Lego Star Wars II The Original Trilogy was a total diaster. The first screen with some controller info when starting the game was god damn Xbox controller.
    They don't even bother making a mouse usable in the menues.
    Why on earth do they even bother releasing it when they don't even have the skills to remake it so it "fits" a computer gamer?

    I download every PC game that is released and I install them to try them out for 10 minutes before they go into my archive. It's just more and more games that was made for console, and then ported to PC.
    Sometimes you even find Xbox games for PC that has the same GFX but Antialiasing available just to make it more blurry than it already is.

    Thank god that we are able to download the sh*t to preview it before we waste money on it.

    Just had to get it out before I return to Karkand

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    I played Rogue Soldier that came direct from console to pc and i liked it

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    thax for telling me

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    Quote Originally Posted by MultiForce View Post

    Thank god that we are able to download the sh*t to preview it before we waste money on it.
    But see, this is ok if the game is small in size, but large games? no thanks, i will just take my chances. And when i say chances, well i dont spend 40 or 50 dollars on a game.

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    Well meaby its because you have a specific taste for video games.. For example, if your were a FPS addic then PC would be your best friend.. And also, on pc, wou will find many good RPG's. Bioware/atari NWN and even old but still fun Blackisle/wizardofthecoast Baldur's Gate & Torment,, I played alot on UO, Ultima Online, one of the first and by far the best mmorpg ever made.

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    I must agree, most Console -> PC = epic fail.

    Halo was ok, but it just wasn't the same

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    Chronicles of Riddock anyone?

    That game was the shit.

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    GTA: San Andreas was a damn decent conversion.


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